pro circuit t-4 with FMF MEGA bomb header REPORT!

I just got the system installed and the throttle response and power is incredible It far exceeded my expectations.It reminded me of the big hit I felt on the yz when i first rode and and now I am used to that and my bike has absolutely come ALIVE again wow Im very impressed!!!

I know its normal for the headpipe to glow , but it glows alot faster with the new pipe, it is also dark so I probably just notice it more.

Also I dont know why but my bike starts first kick every time now, but that may be related to me dropping my needle down 1 notch(raising the clip up 1 )because my old exhaust was getting some signs of soot buildup, thought it was running rich, although it seemed to run fine?

Was It A Straight Fit Or Did You Have To Modify Anything!?!?

It was a perfect fit ,except for where the mid pipe bolts on I put 2 stainless washers to shim it out a hair so it wouldnt touch the frame.about 1/8" worth of spacing.

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