Removing Steering Shaft

I'm thinking about replacing the lower triple clamp, and I was curious about how to go about removing the steering shaft from the OEM lower. I couldn't find anything in the manual, so I was wondering if anyone knew the particulars or if I have to get a new one?...SC

U should be able to press it out. Or take it to a machine shop, they will be able to do it.


I found a GYT-R stem on the Yamaha parts site and it's only $34. I'm just not sure it'll work with an aftermarket lower clamp. I wonder if they're a uniform diameter?...SC

They should be???

the applied clamps run a different stem(at least mine did) and yes it will press out but make sure the gytr stem isn't specific for the gytr clamps :ride: most others should be the same :applause:

Most aftermarket clamps are made to fit the OEM stems. I used the '03 stem from my 450 in the '04 clamps (both stock and Applied) that I installed on it. I will boldly guess that yours will fit, if it's the right clamp for your application. It presses out from the top. Be careful to support the clamp very close up to the stem bore, but leave a little clearance for the wire ring that is on the bottom of the stem. You can push the stem out with the lower bearing in place, but put them back together separately.

after some more research; your right gray,i was duped into buying that stem by motorsports outlet! they told me i needed that stem for the wrap clamp can't trust anyone :applause:

I spoke with Yamaha customer service and the GYT-R stem has the same dimensions as the stock stem, so I think I'll just pick one of those bad boys up for $35 along with a new lower bearing and I should be good to go, or is there something else I'll need?...SC

A slightly off topic but partially related question- since my 05 has 48mm tubes, and I can't find the Longhorn triple clamp for 05 WR, will 04 YZ upper triple clamp fit? Help!!! Thanks :applause:

it will,and i happen to have an 05(same clamp)that came right off my yz when it was new. pm me if your interested :applause:

it will,and i happen to have an 05(same clamp)that came right off my yz when it was new. pm me if your interested :applause:

Thanks- I assumed it was same and took a chance and ordered an adjustable "longhorn" one for $99 this morning, per good reports on TT. Appears to be a Protaper clone made for Rockymountain

Thanks for the offer of your yz one. :ride:

I know this is an old thread but can someone tell me if the 2003 wr450 stem is the same as the 2006? I have a complete MB1 modified front end with BRP clamps from an 03 Id like to swap to my 06. I know the tubes are diff diameter so I want to swap the whole front end as long as the stem is the same.

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