Stage 2 cam

I am thinking about a stage 2 cam. I beleive with stage 2 you also have to upgrade the rockers. Has anyone out there done this? Is there that much power difference and does it still run smooth down low. I guess what i am saying is, why don't Honda just put it in to begin with? Reliability? cost? not rider friendly? :applause:

I have a Hotcams stage 2 on my 650 "R" for a few weeks now, I have also put the HRC piston and 1mm OS intake valves in. The power is a little softer on low-end but it makes power now from low-mid to high-end in a rush :p ,I hitted the rev-limiter a few times and and dropped 2 tooth on the rear sprocket ,to 15 X 40 ,I'm running my XR as a Supermotard.Still lift the front on the gas in gear 1,2 and 3 :p

Some strange things: -even with the lower gearing the bike is not faster on full-speed, I even would say a little slower,acceleration is faster.

- I have to lean out my Mikuni TM40 allot (pilot,needle,main) but the bike once warm won't idle ,after a 10 sec., it dies.It wants a little throttle. The bike runs very crisp and starts first kick (warm or cold),maybe it's the cam . :applause::ride:

Are you saying that it runs real lumpy at idle?

Yep, I tried different settings (mixture/idle..)

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