Will soft springs lower forks & give plush ride?

Will installing springs that are 1 step softer than recommended, make the fork ride lower and make them more plush?

I have a 2000 WR400 and I want to lower the front forks about 1" because my legs are short, and I want to make the forks more plush because right now they are way to stiff on compression, with the adjusters all the way out. According to the Race Tech website, stock springs are .46 kg. and the recommended springs are .44kg for my weight (165lbs.) I am considering installing .42kg springs. Has anyone ever installed softer than recommended springs? Am I asking for trouble, risking having the bike sag way too much? :applause: Also, should I install thinner oil (Stock is 5weight) or lower the oil level a little to soften the dampening? I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on parts and special tools or on a suspension revalve just to soften the forks a little.

Thanks for any advice y'all can give! :ride:


I'm not sure about the springs but raising the forks about 10 or 12 mm above the upper triple clamp will help some. Also makes it handle better in tight stuff. Also set you rebound and compression at 12 clicks out and you sag at about 110 :applause:

Before you spend the money on springs and a valve job, experiment with the clickers and the height of the fork oil in the tubes to make it more plush. There is alot to be learned about suspension, and quite a few adjustments you can make with the stock set up to get you close to what you're looking for. Educate yourself before you spend the money.

I would not get springs that are too soft. If you get softer springs, your front end will sag too much and sacrafice the amount of travel that you have. You need the travel for a plush ride. Also you can get a pretty plush ride with 5W oil. Do you know for sure what weight of oil is in your forks? Maybe the previous owner put 10W or 15W because he wanted a stiffer ride?

Hmm, in my limited experience, I think it's the other way around. If you go with springs too soft for your weight, the bike WILL ride lower, but by starting in the lower part of the suspension stroke, you are already into the harsher portion. After talking with my local suspension guru, Les of LT-Racing in Port Orchard, I went with one stiffer on the front springs, and real soft on the valving. Result, the plushest forks I have ever ridden. They eat up chop, rocks, roots and sharp bumps a whole order of magnitude better than stock.

Ask around in the Virginia forum for a good local suspension shop and call them. They will have suggestions for you, maybe not a softer spring, but a shorter one and a revalve? Don't be afraid to pull the forks and have em done, it's the best money you can spend on your bike, worth every penny. Besides, it's really not that much more than just respringing and changing the fluid.

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