Where the Hell is a 06 Ride report Folks???

Come on folks - these are out and people have bought them. Someone give us some real world POOP....screw the mag test!

I'm still waiting for mine... dont expect to have it for a couple weeks or more since i'm not "first on the list" :|

im interested in ride reports too.

Paid for mine last night but it's not in yet. I havent seen any here in Pa yet. I was told by a very good source/Yam. insider that they are to be shipped NOV. 21st that is why I was in disbelief that anyone has one yet. West or east coast as he would know.

Come on folks - these are out and people have bought them. Someone give us some real world POOP....screw the mag test!

The mags just got there test bikes in the last week or two. Assume that DR & TWMX will have a short blurb in their upcoming issues. MXA probably not until the Feb issue.

Dealer here in PA (who I was supposed to get my bike from) says he won't have his first Blue one until after Thanksgiving (maybe the Wednesday before, but not likely) the second one won't be in house until mid/late December w/the remaining allocation hitting late January. From the sounds of things there have been some sightings on the west coast already. I find it hard to believe that no wc TT'rs have one yet.

They have arrived in Ca all week - somebody PLEASE post a ride report....... :applause:

one guy i think its yamaha7 claims to have already gotten his he's in PA

I FEEL USED........ :p Know what? If i had MY, BRAND NEW YZ450F i would not be here setting in front of this dumb computer, :ride: Thats for damn sure!!!!! But could someone please let us know how the new bike is, please..... :applause: THANKS ....

I have several friends that work for Yamaha shops here in Washington. As of today the 450 has not been released in their computer. Once they are it will be two days before they arrive here. I have paid for the first one in the door so I'll let ya know how it feels when I get it. But lets face it, you already know it's going to be awesome.

Come on folks - these are out and people have bought them. Someone give us some real world POOP....screw the mag test!

I hear ya G... I do have a friend who just got his new KXF450 and is going to be racing this Sun. at a local GNCC. I am hoping to ride it. I think the YZF got held up in Santa's shop...

I've been looking at the posted picture and I still cant see if it really does say 450. Does anyone really have one of these?

The motor is bigger too. You can see it in the pictures. I was called for mine today. But it is blue so I said no.

Did anyone else notice the new front tire in crf`s pic lol

What kind of chain did you put on your new bike? O-ring?

Congrats on the new ride! Let us know what you think!

I picked up mine last night and am going riding this morning. I'll write something up later this afternoon.

I've been looking at the posted picture and I still cant see if it really does say 450. Does anyone really have one of these?

that is a 450.....look at the motor....

Rider: 190 pound, 39 Y/O Vet B, 4-stroke B, and 25+ B.

Rode at Prairie City today, home of Hangtown.

Track: dry, choppy, and rough. About 75 degrees/clear/sunny.

Switched out tires to Dunlop 756's. Rotated Pro Tapers forward to +1. Didn't touch the suspension.

If I didn't know the brand I was riding, I would swear it is a Honda. Fit and finish is excellent. Flat seat. Narrow. Pegs didn't feel high like on my '06 YZ250F.

Handling is very similar to 250F: best turning YZF ever. As good as modified '05 Honda 450F I have ridden. Would carve circles around the '05 YZ450F. In fact, I would say the the new bike obsoletes '05 and older 450 YZF's for B-level and higher MX racing.

Feels like a perfect center of gravity. Very neutral handling. Front end isn't quite as light as the 250F, but still jumps beautifully. Bike tracks very straight through the horrendous braking and acceleration bumps I encountered today. I was accelerating up jump faces that had about six "steps" of potholes going up the face, and expected to crash (but didn't.) The bike is very predictable. You can ride the edge like never before. On previous bikes, I would have sampled the dirt.

The motor is very interesting. It's unlike any previous YZ450F I've ridden. There is no hit anywhere at any RPM. It will lug out of a corner. It will make craters at higher RPM. It's like a big block V8 in a Cadillac: strong, smooth, very linear, and the tamest rush of big ponies I've experienced. Maybe a bit like a KTM 525, but revs out until you overshoot your next corner. Probably most similar to the modified FMF '05 Honda 450F I spent some time on a while back.

Frankly, the motor seemed a bit boring to me, but I held off Steve Lamson for a few corners when he tried to pass on his 250F, so I know the bike is fast. It just doesn't tear your arms off when you twist the throttle. The greatest reward for me was that I didn't have much arm pump like on older YZ 450F's. I rode four 30 minute motos and came in feeling reasonably fresh. On my '03 450F, I could ride two motos before my arms became wet noodles.

Like the 250F, the fork is firm, but very linear and smooth. It's definitely got race valving in it. May be too firm for slower riders. But the faster you go, the better is works. The shock was very good. I jumped all the triples at the track, and the suspension soaked everything up. This suspension is better than my fully modified Race Tech '03 YZ450F.

Quick impression: this is a leather recliner chair with a big block Cadillac motor, with Corvette handling and suspension. It's almost too easy to ride fast. Just twist it and go. No surprises. Very little arm pump. With a pipe, this thing would probably be the Jekyl and Hyde bike that everybody wants.

I would recommed this bike to anybody. Definitely a bike you could holeshot on, and finish the race up front without getting tired. I like it!

Gotta go eat!

Thanks for the write up!

Sounds like they won't have any problems selling.

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