Where the Hell is a 06 Ride report Folks???

I don't own one, but got a couple laps on my friends new one today and would have to agree with DBH's post.

He changed the bars out to the highest profile renthal fatty's and left the suspension clickers where they were at. Handling is very good - it turns great. I have a feeling when the front suspension breaks in a little, it will turn even better since it seems to ride a little high in the stroke. The front end did settle nice and stay put during turns tho. Great ergonomics - I ride a honda and did not feel crampled like I usually do when I hop on a yamaha.

Very linear, powerful motor. Decieving - the rear wheel will break free or the front end will come up before you expect it to. Suspension was on the stiff side when I was getting a little used to it, but once I got up to speed it did not feel stiff - just right. Very balanced. It starts very easily and the motor has no noticable vibration at all.

What tops it all off is the nicely spaced 5 speed tranny. On his 05' 4 speed I would tend to shift too early to third and would lug third a bit. The 06' has seamless power on tap with the 5 speed. 3rd gear is more versatile - I can lug it where I would have to shift to 2nd on the 05'. And you can shift about anywhere you want without losing any drive.

It I had to compare it to anything I would have to say engine/power/tranny is right on par with an 05 Cr450 but I think the suspension is a little better? Hard to tell since the suspension was fresh off the showroom. I don't know if it is lighter or not, but it feels a few pounds lighter - they definitely got the weight a little lower. Very noticable improvement in the tighter s-turn sections of the track over the 05'.

The 05' is definitely obsolete and I loved it - and I am a 2 stroke guy if that means anything. I think I know what my next bike will be. :applause:

Now I have to start saving for one so I can trade my tired 03' 2 stroke in!

Keep em coming guys....I want to hear how it compares to a 06 CRF ans a 06 KXF.........now I gotta go ride. :applause:

Oh man, this bike sounds like it's exactly what I'm looking for. I can't wait to have one! Just gotta sell the other bikes first...

Here is mine

The bike is awsome!! Here is what I like about it compaired to 04 450f:


Incredibly smooth and powerfull, no abrubt, tear your arms off power anymore. You can roll on the power or clutch it, and let her rip. How did they do that?

Gearing is great. Did not feel any engine breaking at all. The 04 had alot!!


One word AWSOME!!!!, It feels like factory suspension, and I am not kidding it's that good. I brought my tools expecting to dial it in a lot. I just sofened up the rebound a little and it was perfect (I weigh 175lbs). One word Smooooth! I hit a face of a double pretty hard and felt no bottoming.

Weight:The bike is light! It really feels 20lbs lighter then the 04. It feels like Iwas backonmy light 250 2 sroke, but on steroids.

The lightness is really noticable in the back of the bike, you can flick the bike easy!

Jumping: When jumping. You dont feel any unexpected bumping action from the suspention when jumping. The bike just smoothly floats through the air.


Finally! the YZ that turns on a dime, it feels better squaring off a sharp burm than a 04 Cr450, don't know about the newer models. Sorry Honda fans!


Is very minimal, and I do mean minimal.

I was really trying to find a fault in the bike, and there is one, there is no front engine guard to block the mud from the front of the motor, Iam sure factory connections will make one.


This bike is very comfortable to ride, and instilles alot of of confidence to a rider. I am glad I made the purchase. When I was jumping, I was getting more and more confidence on launch and landings. I rode my o4 a lot and I knew it's short commings. Every time I wentout for some laps on this new bike, These feelings were fading away fast. Thanks YAMAHA!!


This bike rocks, I have one, and reminds me of a lite 2 stroke 250, but with better power, and excellent suspension.


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