Anyone interested in buying a 98 yz400?

I bought a new truck last night, so it is time to give this beast a new home! I can email pics and some more info to anyone interested. I would like to give someone who know what this bike is about first dibs on it.

If interested, send me an email or pm. Thanks Shane

You could triple what is worth by parting it out on ebay.

that's true, but i really don't have the patience for all that would entail! dismatling, listing, shipping, dealing with nonpayers!

so im hoping to sell it in one piece! thanks for the advise

What is it worth?

Hard to believe that in 3 more years it is 10yrs since they revolutionized the MX world - everyone use to laugh at me when I was one of the first to buy one of those here - saying "that thang sounds funny - nobody will buy those darn things" everyone is on a 4smoke.... :applause:

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