Dual-Sport Ride September 29th Anyone going?

Nope, doin' barstow to Laughlin that weekend bro. Enjoy bro.



I'm planning on doing the ride. One of my college buddies, 'Baja' Joe Cochran (see the webpage for his story) is in the club and said it should be a pretty good ride. I'll let you know what my plans are - hopefully we can hook up.

Do you know Dave Grundman or his brothers? They have a farm over in your area.


Brian, I have not met them. This will be my first dual-sport ride. I am really looking forward to it. I hope we can hook up. Are you going to stay in the camp ground or in Downeyville? I will email you. Thanks, Paul :)

Paul, I will be going and big Dan is going.


Monty, awsome! I'll call you. I think Wally will go also. P :)

Paul do you have any enter blanks? I need one or a copy.


Entry form can be downloaded from the webpage via Adobe Acrobat - I did it this morning. It's about 3/4 of the way down the page.


Brain can you fax me a copy I can't download it.

fax no#707-446-1548

thanks Monty

Originally posted by overthebars_again:

Nope, doin' barstow to Laughlin that weekend bro. Enjoy bro.


is barstow open to non streetr legal bikes? any other info?

Monty, let me know if you still need a form tomorrow. I can fax it from work to you. I'll call you tomorrow. Paul

Thanks Paul,Brain just sent one over.


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