New WR450 is a DOG - Help please!

aah. thanks for the info. i've already done the grey wire mod, and i'll order the yz throttle stop. should i also order the jetting shown in the AIS kit on the Yammie site, or leave well enough alone with the stock jetting?

thanks again


YZ450 needle and 168/48 jets. It is a must. Also lose the CARB bypass. Completely new also need a Rekluse! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info.

No Rekluse - this is a SuperMoto bike - I put a Yoyodyne slipper in it.

Putting a Rekluse in my girlfriend's '06 WR250F this weekend, I think I'll end up putting one in my YZ's if I like it on the trail.

I just purchased a new 05 WR450 today. Got it home, took it for a ride and needless to say I am VERY disappointed. This stock bike is a pig. After all of the posts and reviews that I have read, the WR is suppose to flat out rip. My dads DRZ400 will kill this thing. I was seriously considering the Honda 450X and maybe should have gone that route instead. With that said, just how big of difference is there when the throttle stop is removed, the grey wire cut, etc? Do all of the bike testers that review these things for the magazines do the mods so they can compare it to other bikes? Because, if this is it, I've got a dud and I will go get the 450X. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

If you truly read "all the posts and reviews" then you should not be surprised or disappointed at all. I knew that my '05 would need a few mods as soon as I took her home. The T-stop, grey wire, exhaust plug, airbox snorkel, and jetting of this bike have been widely discussed in magazines and here on TT. If you just came here to complain, then take it back to the dealer and get a 450X (as if any dealer would allow it) :thumbsup:

Otherwise, do the free mods and install a couple of jets and hold onto your a$$ because you're about to unleash a beast.

I know this is beat to death in other threads.... but I can't help myself. My '06 WR450 is now three weeks old. I rode it bone stock for almost 20 trail miles.

Cut the grey wire, bashed the snorkel out of the air box, cut the holes in the right side of box, JD Blue Needle and 170 Main, MSR Fuel Screw, pulled the complete inner snout out of the silencer and put the screen and end cone back on.

Compared to stock is like comparing Martha Stewart to Jena Jamison. She a real exciting ride now. :thumbsup:

It feels restricted on the top end compared to some others I have ridden. I'm thinking it is restricted in the silencer. I will probably end up with either a Q2 or E2...

You didn't mention the throttle-stop mod; could that be the restriction? On exhaust systems check-out the Yosh TRC.


When I first got my '06 WR450F, I knew it would be a dog because of this forum. I rode it anyway and could not believe they sell them this way. On this forum they tell you how to make the bike rip.

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