Possibly going to sell my 03wr? Anyone interested?

I have a 03 wr450 that i have taken great care off and hate to see it go but I have a new bike coming soon.

Heavier racetech springs

yz rear fender/coolant bottle removed

black backgrounds w/ almost new EEhandguards and new front fender

WC frame guards

t-4 pro circuit muffler w/ gyt stainless header, couple months old on header

rejetted for my area and exhaust

rebuilt top end 6 months ago and have put little time on bike since

pro taper top triple clamp w/ protaper bars

909 honda style clutch lever and perch/ like new

brand new rear s-12

Newer chain and sprokets/ renthal o-ring w/ renthal front and sidewinder rear

carbon fiber skidplate and water pump guard

Just put in a brand new scotts stainless oil filter

Fork Seals do not leak and I just serviced the rear suspension linkage ans swingarm pivots. Retorqued flywheel nut along time ago and have never had trouble with woodruff key. I have changed the oil after EVERY ride and air filter also with yamaha four stroke oil and a twin air.

problems: battery won't take a charge but holds enough after running to start bike if stalled usually. thats it!

I have had a ton of good rides on this bike but I have to sell, It is a powerhouse. If you want some pics I am going to get some good ones tonight and post them here. thanks and god bless

I know this is the wrong forum but can we please get a price?

I am looking to get around $3800 if possible

That is a stretch. If you have ridden enough to have rebuilt the top end 6 months ago. My buddy just bought a like new not even any frame or case wear (ridden mabey 3-4 easy rides) 04 WR450 for 4000. I recently bought an 04 WR450 in similar condition (total 480 miles on road, street registered with larger front sprocket) with Scotts triple clamp, steering stabilizer, Pro-tapers, bark busters, and on road equipment (for AZ) for 4500 total. I am also in the southwest were the riding season is really going strong. Indiana is getting cold quick. The reason I was inquiring is my brother is looking for an 03-04 450. Best of luck selling to you.

I got F%**D. I just paid $4800 for an '03 WR 450. DAMN IT!

sell it and buy mine!!! Worth your time.

I got F%**D. I just paid $4800 for an '03 WR 450. DAMN IT!

You just got Kalifornicated! :ride:

That is a good price for Kaliforniastan! :p

You should have bought out of state! :applause:

We here in the midwest ship lots of used bikes out to California for that reason!

Indy, Very true, bikes vary a lot in price depending on the region of the country and time of year. There will be some killer deals in the north east this time of year.

how many gears does a 03 wr 450 have?

five gears


I have an '04 WR450 in the classified section of thumpertalk for sale now for $3,600. It's all stock except the rear fender was changed to a YZ fender. Not many miles, and ready for a new home. I can see why people on the West Coast will buy from out of state and ship 'em in. Seems to me that more people out there should jump on a bike for awhile for the rush. Maybe then they would loosen the restrictions on us 2-wheelers.

Or you could move to Texas where we can ride damn near anywhere we want.

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