Advise on Bike Purchase

I've wanted a WR since they first came out. I've been without a bike for the last two years and I just can't take it anymore. Sometime before this coming spring I will have a WR in my garage.

I live in Dever, CO... How much should I pay for a reliable bike, and what do I need to look for to make sure I don't get something that was abused?

Also, are there any certain years or models to stay away from for any reason. Like don't get a 2000 because they did this... or don't bother with the 400, get the 426 for sure... just looking for advise.

You guy seem like a great bunch. I can't wait to have a new WR to ride, but also can't wait to have one to tinker with. Looks like you have the low-down on cheap mods all mapped out for me :)...




I live in Denver and have a 2000 model WR400 for sale due to an upcoming house sale/purchase. I am the second owner and have ridden the bike 6 times and the previous owner only rode it 2 times. I have changed the oil 3 times and added a magnetic drainplug. It still has the original tires on it and they are in great shape. I have added Thumper Racing exhaust insert. I would like to get $4200 for it. Email me at if you are interested.



sounds like a good buy!!

Yo Mike;

What's up dude. I live in Boulder, and over the past 3 months I have been the proud owner of both the YZ426 and the WR426 (Which I currently have). This is only because CO Powersports were to frigin stupid to figure out why my YZ kept fouling plugs. After 3 months of hell, I finally caved in a took a WR426 off their hands. I really liked the flat out quickness of the YZ, but I have to admit, I really really like the '01 WR426. Tons of low end, super suspension, and still a realatively fast bike. With all the free mods done, it bike rips, and yet I'm still able to register it for street use, way cool.

It's just my $.02, do your research befor buying, but it sound like Lee my have your ticket to fun.


Dodger, good to hear things worked out for you. Did those a$$holes give you a new bike straight up, or did they extort some $ out of you?

Let me know when you want to ride. We are going to crested butte this weekend. I think Eric is going to make it up there on Sunday. You are welcome to join us. Mike

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