i have never been to stoneyford, but would like to go with my daughter. she rides a quad, can you ride one there?

I've been to SF once, my first real off road ride in 20 yr. 5 hours and we covered roughly 60+ miles.

This place literally "kicked my ass". Lots of single track, and you "can " get in trouble if you don't know your way around. Quad's were there, but they stay on the fire road's and double track stuff. The stuff we rode that day, is definetely not quad friendly. I'm riding weekly to build up my skills/confidence before I go back. Awesome place though, remote, beautiful-but again-probably not setup for kid's on quads. IMHO

BTW, we staged at Digger Pines campground. There is supposed to be a larger wide open area, that may be more suited for quads and kids.

I'm thinkin the guy's I went with, knew it was gonna KMA (kick my a@@) and enjoyed every minute of it.:ride: I only got off once, and that was only cause the guy in front of me crashed. :applause:

Plenty of fire roads and trails for the quads... Davis Flat is the most popular of the Camping areas. Stop in at the ranger station in Stoney Ford for current trail maps...

Happy Ridin'

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