GPS and Helmet cams

looking for information on helmet cams and GPS systems :applause:

Guy I went riding with last week had the helmet cam. He tested it before we went riding, but then during the ride we got nothing. We're going riding again next Friday. If it works or doesn't, I'll post about it so you know.

I love my Garmin GPS MAP60CS with Ram handle bar mount and motorcycle battery wiring kit. It is the way to go from Cycoactive:


Check out the new Adventure Cam 3 from viosport:


I am thinking of getting this unit it has 520 lines of resolution and a sony CCD. :applause:

Check out the full details TT member "Wolf Child" posted it is very imformative! ;):bonk::bonk::mad::eek::eek::eek:


:lol: Thanks, I'll start with those products and report back on my purchases.


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