Counter Shaft Seal - What is it?

Alright, I've got a leak and I cannot figure out where it is coming from. So, I did a TT search and it seams it may be coming from the countershaft. I've been searching my factory manual and i cannot find out where the seal is or even where the counter shaft is.

So, after doing searches, I've removed my front sprocket in hopes of finding it. I still have not clue what it is. Pictures would be extremely helpful. Does anyone have one and have details as to how to change it exactly?

Alright, I think I have it figured out. I just pulled the cover off of the counter shaft and I see the seal now. How exactly do I pull the seal and collar out? Pics?

I had the same problem.

My guess is that you have played around with your front sprocket!

You have not tightened the CS sprocket nut up tight enough. It is really a two person job with one standing on the rear brake.

If it is not tight enough, you get some free play in the shaft and oil leaks out from behind it out of the seal. There is an o ring in there too.

Tighten it up properly and the leaking should stop. It did for me and I haven't had any leaking since. It happened about 2500kms ago so there is hope.

I don't know how you would change the seal and o ring out if the leaking doesn't stop, but my guess is that your manual is your best friend.

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