new top end ,went down, month sitting now burning oil

Oct 1 went down on sandy wash, Bike started right up ,I didn't trashed shoulder,off for two month,fired up bike for the past few days and I just get blue smoke.But seems to be running strong.The valves and new 640 kit have less then 200 miles.ANY ideas

what was included in the "new top end"

cylinder sleeve,piston ,ringsand new valves and seals

The combustion chamber is just soaked with oil. It probably stop.

I got this XR from a guy that hadnt been started in 10 years. When I got it fired up, it filled the entire nieghborhood with smoke. I thought it was time to part the thing out...but slowly it quit. Doesnt smoke at all now. It doesnt take much oil to make a whole bunch of smoke.

Id suggest you just ride it for a couple hours and see what happens.

Ditto what Shawn Mc said.

took the bike out last weekend and rode it fo 3.5 hrs return home and let it sit two days then fog the yard.also change the oil and wouldn't think it could be a ring :applause:

valve seal leaking the oil in the head down into the cylinder.

.....or a faulty oil control ring setup.

Chas M tell me more is the oil control ring the oil ring on the piston or in the oil pump ??

it's the oil ring on the piston, it could be that the expander is overlapped, however if it did't smoke before your crash I doubt this is the problem. If it was overlapped it would have smoked right away.

No it was running great before and after getting it back to the truck. I was riding a quad back and the other guy was riding my bike .got it home put it on the work stand,then started it up a week and a half ago and we have smoke.Put three hrs ride last weekend and 1 hr in the yard over the past week.

Chas M tell me more is the oil control ring the oil ring on the piston or in the oil pump ??

The oil control ring is the bottom ring on the piston, consisting of two or three very fragile parts. It basically serves to lube the cylinder wall, and to keep oil from going past the piston and entering the combustion chamber. :applause:

Maybe your jetting is really rich but I'm betting the rings didn't seat right.

I hate to agree cause I don't want to open the top end again.but I think we are all on the same page the oil ring took a S&%t. Thanks for all the help

Did you check the crankcase breather, airbox isn't filled with oil is it.

I cleaned the air filter and the box was dry/clean and the crankcase breather is working as no oil is dripping out and there is air movement

What Kit did you get for your bike. ? I have a 94 xr 600r and am looking to get an 11:1 Wiseco kit. Dont know much about it though. Also what does RFVC mean?

Radial four valve ???? Anything you could tell me will help.


Not sure which kit it is but call Gary at Custom cycles in Mesa at 602-969-2863,That is who did mine.Love the power ,But it for sale as soon as I fix the smoking problem.

Checked The oil check plug on the right side, 9 oz of oil drained out,the manual said the oil should level with the hole.Thus to much oil in the sump being pulled into the cylinder.possibilities oil pump check valve or ???

cant respone till the end of week going out of town for work.Thanks again

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