vs. vs. vs

Everywhere you look, this vs that, my bike beat this bike, my bike is better than yours.

I raced a this or that and here is what happened. My bike is better at this, your bike sucks at this.

What the hell is wrong with some of you.

ESPECIALLY the DRZ WR topic. Give it a F'N


Here is the real fact.

If your POS DRZ beats a POS WR, the person on the DRZ is a better rider.

If your POS WR Beats a POS DRZ, can you figure out who the better rider is???????

Put equal riders on each bike and they will be playing happily together all day.

What are you guys trying to proove. I understand a little razzing, but lots of you guys are trying to proovr something. WHAT IS IT?


If your bike status is more important than just riding, BURN IT!

If all I had was an XR200, I would ride that,


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Mike, I concur wholeheartily!

For you guys that got beat by XXX brand, try racing a group of 30 riders. Then you can get beat by XR's, EXC's, MXC's, DRZ's, Husky's, RM's, RMX's, CR's, KX's, YZ's, IT's, etc.

All bikes excel in one place or another, with one rider or another rider on board. If we all think the same, and everybody beat everybody else all the time (which is quite impossible), what kind of dull, boring world would this be anyways?

Why don't we all put our Dad's (or Mom's! :)) in the ring, and let them duke it out? Then the son of the winning Dad can say quite proudly, "My Dad beat your Dad"!

Sounds pretty BS...right?

Lighten up Fella's! Not one bike or one rider is invinceable ALL the time (aka Jeremy McGrath). Don't take getting beat personal, it's not. This is called "LIFE".


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat.

Right on Kev!


I have been riding since March 2001, and have been racing Hare Scrambles since May 2001(way too soon probably, but try and stop me :) ). This racing has showed me where I lack in skill and stamina.

But, even a mook like me can still pass guys on the straights. When it comes to tight woods, well I pull over a lot! but I am getting better by doing some of the things to better my bike from this board but mostly from riding more.

Man, it is seat time that makes the difference. you have to personalize your bike, but when you spend more time tweeking and putting all your faith in the mods or the bike itself your not getting better.

case in point -

I friend of mine who has been racing for 25 years had a back injury and sold his bike a year ago. After a while he wanted to race again. I lent him my girlfriends TTR125L to race in the Senior B class. lined up against 426's 400's and 2 smoke 250's he was in the mid pack off the start and placed mid pack for the finish with part of the HS track being an motorcross track.

good rider- bike held him back.


I think it happens at the dealer. Someone drops $5000+ on a new shiny bike - he (or she) wants to be assured that they bought the best one available. Like Kevin said, every bike excels at one thing or another - so it is tough to compare them on their merits. So, quite like politicians do, they resort to telling lies and starting a smear campaign against the competition. Whenever I see such a post I usually feel the person making the post has doubts about the money they spent.

- Sean

I totally agree with this. Just ride and the last one in buys the beers! :) P


I got smoked by everything on the track this past weekend and I think by some girl on a bicycle on the dirt road next to the track, atleast that's what my daughter said....

Can I whine too? It cost me $60. to be humiliated......

Man I sucked......mabe next time....Hey I did come in 5th out of 7 in the first moto though......(One guy broke down, and another stalled) But 5th is 5th right......

Bonzai... :)


You're damn straight 5th is 5th. it costs 60 bucks to race? That seems kind of expensive. Don't be so hard on yourself. You got ot there and did it, didn't ya? Maybe someday I will get up the balls to race. Still thinking of it.

It cost Yamacazi $25 to race $30 to get his family in & $5 for a burger! He had the biggest balls in the 250D class with the monster WR motocrossing. Hey & he bought the Renthal fat bars he wanted for discount! Bill, you-da-man WILDMAN!!!!! Lets do it again soon. Next time hide the family way back in the Van or the trailer, before you come to the entry gate!

Originally posted by z4me:

I think it happens at the dealer. Someone drops $5000+ on a new shiny bike - he (or she) wants to be assured that they bought the best one available.

- Sean

5000, try 7000 + suspension work (KTM, great bike, crappy suspension). My bike must be the best...but I still suck. I'll spend $75.00 to race 100 miles in Northern AZ this weekend, and fully expect to be last in class. I'll still have more fun than most.



Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Man, I always have to buy the beers. But I ain't complaining. I'll buy everytime, for the group I ride with :)



99 WR400f, YZ timed, MX-Tech suspension, Scotts steering damper, White Bros E-Series (12 discs), tapered header and a/f. Kouba T-handle for the fuel screw. Works Connection billet throttle tube and frame guards. Cycra Pro-Bend, triple clamp mount handguards. Thumper Racing rad guards, Renthal Jimmy Button highs, YZ Tank and IMS seat, YZ number plate, odo removed, EKP #4, 50PJ, 175MJ at 500-1000' Thanks James Dean!

I was wrong, It cost 95.00 as I entered late, + a 95.00 speeding ticket (oops). The good news is I did not finish last! I started in the second from the last row 38th in class, probablly 200th overall, and managed to make it to 27th on time in class. I've got a long way to go, but it sure was fun :):D .

Hey, at my age comin in last aint so bad! At least I'm riding and, I don't mind buying the beers! :) I might even get a little frisky and pass a few people just for old time sake! :D Lets see what bike was I riding again???? :D

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Pride in my scoot started when I was a young'in. It's just a BB. No need to be anal.

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