Dr D Or Pro-tec

Which Pipe is better? the prices are right for a complete system.

I'm not familiar with Pro-Tec, but I believe with the Dr. D system, you have to remove the header every time you do an oil/filter change. I have an FMF full system and I'm completely satisfied...SC

Im in CAl so I have to look at the noise db level also. I like the pro tec because the noise can be easily adjusted. Im not sure.

The FMF Q2 will get the dbs where you need them...SC

i put a drd just the slip-on on my 450, it made a very big difference, especially in bottom through mid range power. now have full system, takes a extra 2 minutes to loosen and move header for oil filter changes once done a couple of times. i believe the pipe was designed for yz 450s in the begining

I have the Drd full step system on my wr250, and it is great, but the noise is pretty out of control.

Its one of the louder systems that i have heard.

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