Babies Got a New Pair of Shoes

Put new tires (Avon Gripsters) on the 2006 XR650L this morning, took it out for about 10miles of low speed scuffing, and then started heating them up alittle, these things are sticking like glue in the corners :applause: and smooth on the highway, did not balance. I hope they hold up for a couple of thousand miles.

Congrads Man. What sizes are you running. :ride::applause::p

They are the Avon Gripster AM24 Rear:120/80-18 Front:90/90-21, tires feel really good on this bike. Did take about 60psi and a liberal use of simple green to get a good square seating on the back rim, front seated pretty easily. Now to see how they wear.

they look like they would really suck in the dirt.

Some say the same about you. But until you ride them or eat my roost, I'd hold judgement. Damn, Forgot to add him to the ignore list, easily remedied.

but seriously, do they work in the dirt? there almost slicks.......i was just wondering....

Have you ever seen a "Slick"


This isn't what a "Slick" looks like.

after i got done with it, it would look like a slick.

Back on ignore list.

I have a 2006 that I ride on the street mostly and those tires are in the running

for what I want on a XRL. Have you hit the brakes hard??? I will only really be doing fire roads and things like that, as far as dirt. It's my fishing bike in

the Oregon outback. :applause:

Nice tires GrayGost. I put the Avon Distanzias on mine and they do hook up great on the blacktop. :applause:

Took it out today for some cool weather riding, 30-40F, 30 miles of blacktop and 25 miles of dirt, not bad at all, Definately want to drop the pressure down to 22-22psi for the dirt, maybe lower, but thats as low as I went today. The tires hook up really well on pavement, lean angle much better then originals, and no hint of slideout, dirt, I think, at lower pressures they hookup about as good as knobbies that have the edges rounded off, of course we shall see how they are with their edges worn off. Middle of a month long drought, so theres no mud around, so that test will have to wait, but looking at the tire, I think my first impression is the mud test can wait as long as it wants, don't think they will hook in the mud.

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