Hey to all you guys that store your bikes, what do you all do to them? Just wondering?

Get some fuel stabilizer for the fuel in the tank, or drain the tank. Drain the carburetor. Lube and adjust the chain. Get some WD-40 to coat the metal parts to inhibit rust. Get some engine fogger and spray it in the intake boot with the spark plug cap off but gounded to head and the air cleaner out while turning over the engine with the throttle open( Be VERY VERY careful the bike could backfire and ignite the can or your body ). After make sure the piston is at TDC so the valves are closed. Clean the cleaner. Get a air box cover to put where the air filter would go or prep the air cleaner but do not grease the edge it may stick to the air box and rip. Use ruber protectant on the rubber parts. Put a plug in the exhaust muffler. Cover bike. If I missed anything I am Sorry. I hope this Helps. Thanks Mark

oh yea sorry, i forgot to mention it's going in the basement, so now what should i all do.

Same but no gas in the tank. Thanks Mark

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