Last Year WR400 was manufactured/Price??

What was the last year the WR400 was manufactured?

I have a guy trying to sell me a like new WR400 that he said was from 2003. What price should I expect to pay for a bike like this?

Also, what are the main differences of the WR400 compared to the new WR450fs?


The WR400 was last made in 2000. From 2001-2002 they made the WR426, and from 2003-present they changed to a WR450. The electric start was added beginning on the '03 WR450, and the decompression lever was eliminated. They are now really easy to start.

I have a '98 WR400 in good condition that is worth around $1,700-$2,000. I also have an '04 WR450 that I'm trying to sell. I'm only asking $3,600 firm for it, so hopefully I will down to one bike soon.

If the bike you're looking at is an '03, it's a WR450. The price depends a lot on the condition of the bike and where the bike is being sold. Post the details of the bike you're looking at so we can give our input on price range and what to look out for.

Your 400 is worth about $500 more in California, cause it is "green".

last WR 400 was made in 2002 even though the 426 production started in 2000, the 400 class was kept in production because of race limitations in those years

dont know if they were shipped to US, but am sure of Europe and Australia

The guy says it's from 2003 and that he's only ridden it twice. How do I tell what year it was manufactured?

Is it worth getting a new WR450 over this? I think the guy wants $4K for it. Thanks.

My buddy recently bought a almost new 04 WR450 for 4 grand. I had a wr400 and although it served me well it was a pig compared to my newer 04 WR450

Just take a look at the frame at the steering stem. If it says the manufactured

date is something like 05,99 ,its a 2000 model.

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