WR400 Fluidyne, Unabiker setup

Can anyone tell me if I can put the Fluidyne radiators on my 98 wr400? They say for 2000 and up. So the question is, will the 2000 radiators fit in the 1998 frame? One call to the dealer parts counter told me ya they're both identicle looking at his parts catalog, then a week later a different guy tells me no they're different part numbers so no go. Won't work. And is it the same radiators in the YZ and WR? Then will the Unabiker guards fit over the Fluidynes ok and finally will the shrouds or radiator covers for the 2000 fit on the 98 tank. The parts guy also told me the tanks were different from 98 to 2000 so the radiator shrouds for the 2000 won't fit on my tank. But I've heard all plastic is the same for 98 to 2000, YZ or WR. I need the 2000 radiator shrouds to fit the Fluidyne radiators 'cuz they are for 2000 which have the angled mount on the radiator. My 98 shrouds won't mount to the Fluidyne radiator unless I cable tie it which I don't want to do, not a very rigid setup. So what it comes down to is that I need a 2000 year radiator and shroud setup on my 1998 WR400. Is that doable? And does it matter if it's YZ or WR radiators and shrouds?


:applause: <- friend who wrecked bike.

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