Baja 1000 Ironman

Bobby Laughlin......solo.......8th place!

Way to go!!!!!!

:applause: Not only is Robert Laughlin a complete animal, he's an extremely nice guy too.

Wow, there is NO WAY that anyone can't be totally impressed with his finishes this year......SF250 = 1st non-pro, Baja500 = 1st non-pro, and now this INCREDIBLE finish at the 1000.


it goes even further than that...he does this with very little money and support. No chase crew, no one to feed him, no radio, just him. Not only that but he has the TOP points for all motorcycles in Score. Sal Fish told him he was not going to get the OVERALL Score championship throphy!!!

Not only that but he has the TOP points for all motorcycles in Score. Sal Fish told him he was not going to get the OVERALL Score championship throphy!!!

should he get the overall trophy since he has the top points :ride:

that just doesn't make sense :applause:

the reason why he is not getting the overall championship is because he raced in the sportsman class. the rule does not state anything about that. it just says...the top motorcycle points leader. this has never happend before either...a single guy beating everyone every race!!! no factory no nothing ... I believe his task is greater than Mouse McCoy simply because he did this 3 times this year...and no one to help him...Mouse had many people and cameras and helicopters behing him during the race. Now, don't get this wrong Mouse is no *****.

by the way Robert is my old race partner...I kind of know him...I also invited him to breakfast on sunday morning before the awards. He was still solo then...after the awards he drove home solo.

that is what I call a REAL Baja racer.

Wow! Bobby Laughlin you are a STUD!

Here's a Cheers to you!

Wow! Unbelievable!

Anyone who does the Ironman and finishes has accomplished a great feat. :applause:

I was lucky enough to help pit for a first time Baja 1000 Ironman, Colie Potter 268x. He finished in something like 24 hours. He rode a good race with out any problems other than a broken clutch perch!! He also finished at his goal time of 24 (+/- 1) hours. He pretty much had a stock bike (XR650R) except for a little suspension work and uncorked the bike. I have to admit.. he was a zombie when finished, but still wanted to get some breakfast and a margarita after the race before going to bed! He ran the Sportsman class and last I knew of finished 8th in class and 111 overall. Congrats to everyone who ran the race and everyone who finished.

What kind of bike did Laughlin run?

That is impressive. This Bud's for you MR. Laughlin. :applause:

I was at Honda pit 9 and helped a guy put on his lights. He said he was doing the race solo but didn't get his name or number. I wounder it was him. He was at least 2 hours ahead of us.

Bobby was racing 278X, xr 650r. and the guy at pit 9 with the lights most likely was him. A real solo guy.

That sounds about right. If I remember the front number plate had different size/color numbers right. I had on a Honda sweat shirt so he thought I was working the pits. I helped him with the lights and checked his rear wheel nut. He had a HID with 2 12volt mini lights on the side. I didn't get his name but I talked to him before he left. :applause:

yes, that was him, the numbers and the lights clearly describe him.

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