Excel Rim Price

I found someone selling a brand new blue rear Excel, rim only, for $62 shipped. Is that a good price or not? :applause: ...SC

I don't really know prices in the USA but that sounds really really cheap to me.

The cheapest rims here in australia are the SM pro ones from england and they are about $200 australian. Excel rims cost anything up to twice that price here.

We get ripped off pretty bad here.

That is smoking cheap. Does he have any more?

He started out with 12, now he's down to 7...I just bought one. They're on eBay, item #4591007529...SC

Will Those Rims Work With Our Rear Stock Hub?

Also Is Width Different??

Steve, yes that's cheap.. You might have to buy a spoke kit ($65.00)

Will Those Rims Work With Our Rear Stock Hub?...Also Is Width Different??

Yes and No. They're 36-hole 18 x 2.15 rims, exactly like stock, except in blue. You'll just have to buy a new spoke set. About $65 for OEM, $85 for Excel heavy duty...SC

excel heavy duty spokes are pretty thick! well worth the money IMO.

bought one, Thanks. :applause:

Me to. Got it today. $124.95 Australian to my door.Very nice rim:applause: . Now looking for one for the front (blue anyone?). Why do you need a spoke kit. Have you fitted yours yet .clark4131.

Anyone fitted there Blue rim up yet ? Did you have to get new spokes?

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