First look at the '06

Saw two of 'em about an hour ago for the first time in person, one of each flavor. They're both sold, of course. I noticed a couple of things:

The cylinder head is a completely new casting, and the decomp plug and bolt are not only gone, there's no place for the bore anymore.

The engine still has what appears to be an external oil line that runs from the same location under the oil filter up to the top of the integrated oil storage reservoir. For this to be the feed line, it would have to connect to a tube running down to the bottom of the reservoir. The line on the left side is now integrated into the ignition cover. You can follow it along the case casting from where the return line used to go forward to the front of the engine. What it looks like they did was to reverse the oil pumps so the the feed comes from the reservoir, through the ignition cover, and then to the feed pump and on to the filter, while the return then exits the right side and back to the tank through the external line. It's a guess on my part, but it makes more sense.

If the return line is external, that means that adding more oil capacity for offroad racing, etc., would be a simple matter of mounting a small tank somewhere.

The bike looks great, especially from the pilot's seat. It's slimmer than mine, and even though it's supposed to weigh about the same, it feels light as you shift it side to side. Lower CG, probably. In fact, I walked 18 feet to a CRF and sat on that, and the YZF felt a little lighter than the Honda...maybe.

The U.S. bike does not have the "power bomb" header we saw on the Aussie model.

The fuel screw is still where it was.

Maybe I'll get to ride one someday


Will you still be able to get the carb out from the side or will the subframe have to come off? It looks very crowded in the pics.

nice write up Gray. I have yet to see one. Probably better that I don't for awhile! :ride:

Maybe this is sign of the future? :applause: (maybe in 07)



Will you still be able to get the carb out from the side or will the subframe have to come off? It looks very crowded in the pics.

I didn't pay too much attention to that, but without going back and looking again, I'd say that to access the top of the carb, you'd have to pull the tank or pull the carb loose and lower it, neither of which seems like it would be hard to do. Access to the bowl looks like you could just rotate it as before, but I don't know if there's clearance on top for that; just guessing.

As I gaze into the future, I see...a motorcycle...a YZ450...and the rider is...Satch!! :applause:

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