I really don't think.....

They like each other, even though they share the same room... :applause:

room mates?

haha that is a good one! Nice bikes!

It's the age difference...one's 83 and the other's 47.

I don't care what they say, bikes with kick starters on the left are just cool. :ride:

(former CZ owner)

Hard to tell, BC, is that a Bultaco, or a Montesa, or something else.


its a bultaco.spanish for clutch sucks and primary chain is broken.

We used to think it meant "meteor" back when the yellow Pursangs showed up and took over the 250 class at the TT track. They handled great, and were far faster than anything, but like a shooting star, they didn't always make it to the finish. Still...


That 'Taco brings back some memories for me. I had an OSSA 250 Stiletto in 72-74 and hung out at the OSSA and Bultasco dealer a lot. Always liked the Pursangs. Sharp looking bikes.


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