Front Fork Seals

Had a good spill over the weekend that laid me up for a few days with tweaked ribs etc. I noticed afterwards that I blew out a fork seal. Anyone changed these on the WR's before, if so is it a pain to do or should I just send them out.

Pete, Good question. I have a great Yamaha dealer in my area and I ride with the guys that work there so they really take care of me, in my case I would rather have a Certified Yamaha mechanic do my forks. If you're not as lucky as me there's nothing wrong with learning to do it yourself and knowing how to work on your bike. Since I've switched to the 4-stroke (and getting older) I would rather have someone else work on my bike.

Its a piece of cake to do. Just follow the manual. But you need a seal driver, dont try and do it without one. Also, check the tubes for nicks, especially if you crashed. A nick in the tubes will ruin your new seal pronto. You can file small nicks out with a knife sharpening stone. You dont want to be able to have your fingernail catch on them, but don't go wild with the stone.

Nick Puza (npuza) told me a section of PVC, sliced vertically in half, will suffice for a seal driver!

It never even occurred to me to try it.

I second doing the work yourself. It really is quite easy!


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat.

I tried the PVC trick, but it slipped down into the space between the seal and the tube and messed up the seal. So be careful with that one. I bought a driver after that.

changing seals is piece of cake.i recommend using kawasaki oem seals 1999 kx500 are same dimension as wr and yz400,426's.kawasaki seals are little more exspensive but made of different rubber yamaha seals would only last 6 months at the most.its been almost 2 years since i put in kx seals

the kawasaki seals should be the same, infact they should come off the same manufacturing line. I usually would suggest to only use OEM fork seals (yamaha or kawasaki) but on the kayaka 46mm fork seals K&l sells are the exact same. Same brand, same #, same seal, but a lot cheaper. sells the set for 16 bucks. Get a real seal driver they are worth their weight in gold after having to use it a few times. And you can always rent it out to your buddies.

Thats Wierd.....I am the current east coast King of the Crash....I have crashed in every concievable position and manner...and the one thing 'ol blue has never done is blow a fork seal....There...I've said it...My 99 has never blown a fork seal...You know exactly what's going to happen now don't you?

Where can I get a good fork seal driver? I think I may need one soon......

Bonzai... :)

mine go bad once and a while

it might be a piece of dirt or something else stuck inside your seal

try using a piece of 35mm film/negitive

slide it up between fork and seal

take it for a ride and see before buying new seals

somtimes this works for me

if it has been more than a year maybe you should take them apart anyways for a good cleaning

the pvc thing works but you must bevel the inside of both pieces so you don't screw up the seal

I just hose clamp the two sides together

and use the weight of the fork tube to slam the seal home.

I have also seen them in dennis kirk

Well, I know that the seals have been questionable for a while but after taking a closer look it could very well be dirt and grime, but I'm sure they're not long for this world. Where can I get a seal driver??

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