I got a WR400F 1998 and i can use 85Watt from the system.

Does anyone know how much watt a WR426 put out?

Will that stator fit my bike or will i have to change the flywheel?

Will the flywheel fit? :applause::ride::p

The stock system isn't going to give you 85watts. What kind of lights are you runing? The best your going to get from t stock charging system is 40 to 45 watts. The stock headlight is only rated at 35 watts.

I have an 01 WR 426 and run a PIAA 80/80 Super White without any issues on the stock stator.



Years ago I had a 1999 WR400f. I installed a stator from a 2001 WR 426. I used the stock 1999 flywheel, and yes it bolts right on. The 426 stator is rated at 120 watts if I remember right. Just pull one off and reinstall the other one, plug in the wires and go. No timing to mess with. It all goes right back the way it came apart. It's easy.


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