How much did you pay for your 2006 YZ450F

Bringing this thread back from the dead!

$6475 out the door for a YZ450F SE!

In Alaska!!

7,386 OTD for special edition.

I called dealerships (incl. canada) with in 300 miles. Found my cheapest price, then called the dealership I wanted to buy from. Actually my wife called them back women seem to be better at barting especially when its not there toy. They matched it I drove 250 miles picked it up. the price $6800 OTD that is what I wrote on the check! Oh yeah its the LE. Had to have black & yellow. Ordered my new HJC black carbon fiber helmet to go with my yellow oakley mirrored googles. I should look pretty dam good when I get out there and dump it.....LOL :thumbsup: When I had my brand new 426f in 2001 out for the first time, I broke it in nice then cranked on the throttle 20 min later....Bike flipped took out handle bars, radiator, shrods and rear fender...looking back I can see why my best friend laughed it was pretty funny.....

I paid $6888 otd for my LE 2 weeks ago.

K&W Cycle

6,864 OTD for my SE, because I ordered the Blue, didn't come when he said it would, so I got my SE and free Tech 8's, no extra charge!

Paid Cash too :thumbsup:

we went down to honda east telodo, OH walk in with $5969 cash, walked out 15 mins later with a brand new 06 yz450f.

but with the $200 down payment to hold the bike, the total was $6169 and the great thing about it is i didn't pay sales taxes to the state of michigan, because it's and ohio titled bike!!!

and best of all you can even do this with cars too!!

give honda east a try!!! you can't go wrong!!!

hondaeast must like you more then me. They quoted me 6500 otd. I went to yamahaoftroy paid 6245 otd.

6899 otd in Brigham City, UT.

On Valentines day, I went to Chaparral to sit on the YZ and RMZ to decide. I had in writing from LA Cycle Quotes of RMZ $6399 OTD, and YZF $7200 OTD. After :thumbsup: on the sales kid for 2 hrs I pushed out a new YZ for $7200 OTD. Yes I do mean out the door. No setup, no destination, and under msrp. Never thought I would buy a bike from those boneheads, but I just kept telling them "I will drive to LA no problem" and it worked. I have heard of them being cheaper lately, but in Feb that was a steal in CA. Oh yeah it is by far the best bike I have ever ridden. :thumbsup:

$6800.00 out the door. in nor cal on sat. 4/22/06 no haggle or b.s..... I asked, they answered, I bought! I don't know if it mattered, but it was my 5th new bike purchased from them.

I paid 6175 out the door for 450se but had to pull a lot of strins thats a100 over cost and cant get it again lol no tax no set up or prep or shipping they dont make all that much around here i guess.. they quoted me 300 more as regular joe

2006 YZ450F Special Edition

$6864 OTD...paid in cash/in full.

My son got a 06 yz450 from the thumpertalk store,all said and done $7100 shipped to Germany.

$6600 OTD from Thumb Motorsports in Michigan.

Man I spent just over $7500 for mine.

Man I spent just over $7500 for mine.

Don't sweat it. Most of these people THINK they have these outrageously good deals and will lie to us outright.


making up shit on the internet

hondaeast must like you more then me. They quoted me 6500 otd. I went to yamahaoftroy paid 6245 otd.

all i did was calll them and they priced it, told them will they take a down payment over the phone, and didi it there, went thought jeff eckman, real good guy!!!

yamaha of troy lists the 2006 yz450 at $6899.00.

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