How much did you pay for your 2006 YZ450F

$6458 Otd

$7700 OTD for my SE at Montclair Yamaha.

$7074.23 OTD for the SE YZ450F from Eastside in Tucson

:thumbsup: I paid $7563 otd in washington st.Worth every penny though!! :thumbsup:

$6450.00 OTD for my SE from SYD in Dalton, Ga :crazy:

:ride: I paid $7563 otd in washington st.Worth every penny though!! :crazy:

WOW! But I guess different states are differnet prices.

A couple of weeks ago, San Diego House of Motorcycle offered a 2006 YZ450 Anniversary Edition for $6850 OTD. If I didn't delete the email I can send it to you.

Also call Mike Stralow at Alba 858-486-4380, he is working Intl Sales.

i got priced out on one at $6580 today, western new york.

Here in Brazil, due to aduana taxes, a brand new YZF 450 costs... $16500!!!

Can you believe it? The price of almost three bikes in the US.

Yellow - 6200 - Flat - With a O-Ring Chain, New Helmet

Yea I second that on Abernathy in Union City Tennessee. I talked to them but actually got mine in Memphis Tennessee for $5999 OTD. Just a few bucks more and saved me the 1.5 hour dirve. Lake Hill Motors in Corinth Mississippi also is the same price...or within 10 bucks.

Definately the best prices I have seen in this thread.


My son got a 06 yz450 from the thumpertalk store,all said and done $7100 shipped to Germany.

THUMPERTALK ships bikes outside the US? I am not in the US and i have to import ALL my bikes for the last 14 years or so now. Sometimes i find it hard to find a dealer in Flrorida (closes to me, that will ship AND will have the bike i want). What does the price entail for buying a bike from thumpertalk when it comes to international buyers? Was it hassle for them (i had to beg one or two dealers to ship bikes for me because they had never done it before).

6299.00 otd. I live in southern Oregon and payed cash.

Wow i think i have everyone beat! $5,700, I bought my new 06 that had 15 mins on it from a 50 year old guy off of ebay. I know Ebay is sketchy but you really can save a ton! The bike didnt have a scratch on it and the tires still had the hairs on them! I had to break the bike in cause it was same as new :crazy:

$6439 :lol::lol::eek::eek:

Worth every penny :ride::banana::busted::smirk::lol:

$6155 OTD. Just picked it up last weekend and will take it for its first ride on Saturday. :ride:

$6000 +tax

I paid 6495 otd shipped to so cal from toledo honda east in toleto!!

No B.S. California dealer mark ups taxws etc..


I am assuming that is in Ohio right?? if so they give pretty fair prices for a dealer of that size I am looking to get an 06 yz450f mainly because of the 5-speed I don't want a 4 speed. I think I'll do what my uncle did and go up-north and get a price OTD and come down here and bargain with that.

I feel bad for you socal guys 8k for a bike is outrageous there is no reason for it

if you are located in the midwest...go to abernathys in union city tennesee. skip the strings the guy above me had to pull and just pay 5995 OTD. they are by far the best place to buy a bike.

Now, I think that price is just a damned lie. Scan your reciept and let us see the BOS.

I can vouch for Abernathy's. I bought my son's CRF there. They are by far the best dealer I have delt with period - anywhere. The price on their website if the OTD price + you don't pay sales tax in Tennesee. Technically you are suppose to title an off-road Motorcycle in Indiana and many other states and that is when you get hit with the sales tax. No way I am going to title an off-road bike...BTW the price is now 5,944 :ride:

I Gave $5,896 OTD for an 06' YZ450F 50th Anniversary Edition

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