How much did you pay for your 2006 YZ450F

My sted dad just paid 5350.00 no tax last week in dallas. That's a 100.00 above cost. They get some help from the dealer as a sponsor. That will give you an idea what cost is. Make them deal with you !

Limited Edition 2 months ago $7013.00 out the door. Then I had the plug blow out of the sidecase oil galley and they replaced it for free along with a new oil filter. Then they told me to bring it back after 10 hrs and they will check the valves for free.

I feel I got a good price for here and the service is top notch and......they are a big dealer go figure.

are there trades involved? what about the freight/assembly fee? i see some deals on the bikes and that's good; but i forgot what i paid for the thing after the first ride. how about a thread about what this bike has on the competition, nut for bolt!

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