First ride report, 06 yz450f, ine word AWSOME!

The bike is awsome!! Here is what I like about it compaired to 04 YZ450f:


Incredibly smooth and powerfull, no abrubt, tear your arms off power anymore. You can roll on the power or clutch it, and let her rip. How did they do that?

Gearing is great. Did not feel any engine breaking at all. The 04 had alot!!


One word AWSOME!!!!, It feels like factory suspension, and I am not kidding it's that good. I brought my tools expecting to dial it in a lot. I just sofened up the rebound a little and it was perfect (I weigh 175lbs). One word Smooooth! I hit a face of a double pretty hard and felt no bottoming.

Weight:The bike is light! It really feels 20lbs lighter then the 04. It feels like Iwas backonmy light 250 2 sroke, but on steroids.

The lightness is really noticable in the back of the bike, you can flick the bike easy!

Jumping: When jumping. You dont feel any unexpected bumping action from the suspention when jumping. The bike just smoothly floats through the air.


Finally! the YZ that turns on a dime, it feels better squaring off a sharp burm than a 04 Cr450, don't know about the newer models. Sorry Honda fans!


Is very minimal, and I do mean minimal.

I was really trying to find a fault in the bike, and there is one, there is no front engine guard to block the mud from the front of the motor, Iam sure factory connections will make one.


This bike is very comfortable to ride, and instilles alot of of confidence to a rider. I am glad I made the purchase. When I was jumping, I was getting more and more confidence on launch and landings. I rode my o4 a lot and I knew it's short commings. Every time I wentout for some laps on this new bike, The old short comming feelings of the 04 were fading away. Thanks YAMAHA!!


great write up John. Sounds like Yamaha did their homework on this one. Can't wait till I get my 2007 LOL :applause:

Alright!! now the wait is really killing me!!!!!

I rode an 04 Yz450F and I thought it was much better than my 03 CRF450. If the 06 YZ is that much better it's going to be hard to ride with index steering; if you now what I mean....

HA ha that's funny


Thanks for the writeup! The light feel is what I wanted to hear about! If it feels like a YZ250 on steroids, thats what I wanted to hear.

Do you really mean that?

Now I feel the new bike fever coming on!

Thanks for the report. I'm glad to hear about the absence of engine braking, maybe the bike does not need a heavier flywheel at all.

I knew I shouldn't have read that.Now the wait for mine to get here is even more intense.

What do you think of the 5-speed, I am thinking of twitching brands this year because I love the 4-speed.I do only motocross and dont see any logic in buying a bike that I have to shift more on the track.If it were a 4 I would buy it though.Im thinking of the suzuki or the kawasaki.I think the suzukis are going to be alot cheaper.

For track riding the 5, for desert and fast motocross tracks 4 or 5 speed.

Yes, it felt like I was riding my friends 05 Yz250 2 stroke, But with a smoother motor and suspension. I even reved it up, and poped the clutch on a double, and cleared it with ease. I think the 2stroke die hards will also love this bike.


The yellow bike sure was turning some heads at the Elisore track yesterday.

Looks sweet!!

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