Devol Radiator Guards+Fluidyne Radiators XR650R?

Has anyone tried installing Devol Radiator Guards (for the stock radiators) on Fluidyne Radiators for the XR650R? Any luck, and did they have to be modified? Thanks.

Not I, yet I do run unabiker's rad gards on my KTM and they have never let me down.

Now, I know you don't know me from Adam, yet think of my riding ability as me being a obstical in a race rather then a competitor.

With that said. I spoke to unabiker this weekend end after he kicked my tale on the trail about taking my XR650R and doing some fab work off of it. He will be getting my bike in the up and coming weeks.

Look for great things coming out of unabiker by years end.

Glad to hear that Unabiker is going to make a set; their products are really nice. I just emailed them, and they said that once they get your bike for prototyping, they'll have them done in a month or less. Plus, they said that because of the number of XR650R riders using Fluidyne radiators, these guards will be compatible with them as well as stock. Thanks for the info! I'd much rather be running those then Devol's. :applause:

NARU...I know in the CRF450 forum there have been guys that have made the devol

work with the fluidyne radiator, you might want to check with them to see what they did.

Cool, I'll go check through that forum and see if I turn up anything. However, I'm pretty sure I'll go with the Unabikers, as they're darn nice and look indestrucable. Plus, they cost like ~$10 more than the Devol's. :applause:

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