ignition cover guard

do u think i can place the original ignition cover guard of the wr426 2001 on my yz426 2000?

Mor, I just put a new one on myself, not from a YZ but an 01 WR426. I think it will fit!! I have nothing to back up that statement but I dont think that Yamaha has changed the engine down there. Make sure you get a new gasket and clean off the old one...

hi dan,

i meant the guard of the ignition cover, the metal thing that placed on the frame of the wr426 2001. like the guard of the water pump but on the other side of the bike...

Yep! You sure can. I just recieved a used one in the mail last night from *mike68* and it fit on perfectly. I just had to use a spare bolt for the bottom of the gaurd. The YZ just has a plastic plug in that spot on the frame.

Mike, thanks again for the parts.

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