WANTED: XR650R Engine

I'm in need of an XR650R engine suitable for use and/or light rebuild. My current XR650R motor is the victim of Honda's poor countershaft seal design. While running flat out at Baja last week, the countershaft seal began leaking, unbeknownst to me. When the engine began losing power, I clutched it, and it immediately seized. I felt like one of those oil additive commercials - fill it up, run it for a few minutes, drain it and the engine will still run for days. Not! Many thanks to the #708 truck team for picking me up in the middle of the desert and providing a ride to San Matias. The seized engine will be rebuilt, but as I have not been inside it yet, I don't know the extent of the damage. Hopefully it will be just the top end. In any event, any leads on a repalcement engine while I build the super-motor, complete with late model countershaft seal, would be greatly appreciated. Who would have thought periodically checking the left side swing arm for oil traces would have been necessary on a Honda? I expect it on my BSA's. Lesson learned. Thanks in advance.

Sorry to hear about your problem. I've got an oil sight tube and extra seals. I've seen a few lose the countershaft seal.

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