Just bought !!!!!!!

Just came back from the dealer. I own one now!!!!!!!!! Only thing is I have to go and pick it up on tuesday @ 6:00 after work. So all you other 06 owners change your oil yet?? My dealer could not even give me a oil filter part number. Any one have a K and N oil filter number?? I am also going to have to dodge the rangers this week considering I am going to be running stock exhaust. :applause:

Congratulations, lucky one.....

Seems like the 06 is a winner from the reports on TT.

Forget the K&N filter. Get a Scott's Stainless Steel filter; yes they are like $ 65 or so, but they filter much better, they don't allow oil bypass at startup, and in the long run compared to $13 for the paper ones from the Yammi dealer, you will save money in the long run. I run one and it's great. Just use carb cleaner to blow it out and reuse it . Lasts practically forever if you don't run it over with a truck.

Happy riding with that new ride...

Congrates, I have one, and it's the best bike Ihave ridden!

This bike rocks!!

So the bikes are there, you lucky guys. Hope we soon get them here in Scandinavia too. I have a blue one on order, but still trying to get a SE somehow. Are the yellow ones already out there too?

Yes, I saw a few at the local Elsionore track in California, looks sweet.

I thought it was an rmz at first glance.

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