engine probs??...02 yz426f

I recently bought an 02 yz426f... it ran perfectly for weeks. However, on day i figured id take a ride and it wouldnt start. I finally got it to start with the choke pulled ( sputtering ), when i pushed the choke back in it died immediatley. What is causing this and what can i do to fix it???

I think first thing you have to do is a good carb cleaning, have you ever done it?

Change the plug 1st. My 400 did that.

Replace your gas. And make sure you use premium.


I had the same exact symptoms in summer 2003 with my '02 426. My problem turned out to be the neophrene gasket between the iintake bell and the carburetor body. It was not installed properly by me after cleaning the carb. A small section was out of the groove it should be placed in and got sucked out of place completely. Replaced the part and no problems since. I hope this helps out.


Thanks guys, however it is still not running properly. I changed the plug, and cleaned the carb, and managed to get it started, but soon after started, it over heats and flames shoot out of the pipe, it has also boiled over once too. if you have anymore help, please let me know. THANKS.

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