Fluidyne VS Stock a couple pictures

The whole thing? I thought you were only able to get the guard on, but not the braces? I know everyone likes to pimp unabiker here but after waiting for nearly 9 months for Brian to make me a set that would fit the fluidynes I gave up and thought I'd look elsewhere. I sent him follow up emails monthly and he would always say that he'd try to get into the shop the next weekend and make a set but never did it. I even tried to prepay him as a motivator, or pay a few bucks extra for the customization but he told me what he has now won't fit and he never got around to making a set that would fit. After bending my radiators in another crash I decided I'd better stop waiting on the unabikers and look around.

Do you have any pics of yours mounted? Maybe they fit stock and Brian just didn't realize it because he doesn't have a set of fluidynes? Seems odd that the manufacturer is telling me they won't fit but if you have a set on your bike now that's good enough for me.

yes the gaurds fit (i may of had to do a little bit of modding but it wasn't much,can't really remember:bonk: ) my big problem was that they didn't fit with the clark tank i was using (hit the tank) but i did have them mounted and they did fit,just couldn't use them due to the tank. i've since gone back to the stock tank for HS and need to see if i can't find them or maybe just see if i can't get some new ones from brian.:cheers:

I appreciate the feedback, sounds like time to order a set up.

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