Radiator gremlins

Something has been bending the cooling fins on the back side of my rad. The fronts are near perfect. This is very puzzling!!! I can't figure out how anything is getting behind there and having enough force to bend the fins!! If the front fins were bent I would fully understand but the backs????

very stumped :)

Are they bend up or down? Maybe water comming off the front wheel when blasting shallow water at high speeds? Either that or little kids! Little kids will touch all kinds of stuff if they can get their sticky mitts on it. Kinda like those mice that build nest in the airbox :) .

It could be from washing the bike, especially a pressure washer. A scribe does a nice job of straightening fins, but it is very tedious.

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I've bent the cooling fins on my car radiator before by using high pressure H2O. It doesn't take much. The maintenance man at a hospital I worked at had some plastic tools for straightening them back out. They looked similar to a comb with short square teeth and he had different sizes to fit wider or narrower fins. Don't know where he got them, but I'm sure either autoparts store or Granger.

You can also find some pliers that have the zig-zag shape. Their sold the concourse car guys for straightening the fins on their radiators prior to shows. You can find them in Hemmings.



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It must be from washing the bike. I have never used a power washer but I do use pretty high pressure. Thanks for the tips on straightening things out.



You are not alone. I recently noticed the same phenomenon. I do not even wash my bike so power washers are not the problem :) No solution, just wanted you to know you are not alone on this one! I will keep an eye on it and post any findings.

Keep Roostin'



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