ADB mag writeup for the 06 YZ450F...

Does anyone have access to it whom would care to it for those of us without access to it?

I have read it..... I have a copy at home. The write up i pretty good.

I can scan it and post it if wanted.....



Yeah, if you wouldn't mind - that would be great.

A buddy of mine is in the market for a new 450f. Yamaha has been advertising this bike for 4 or 5 months now - and yet there's only a couple that I've heard of in dealerships and only a few preliminary tests. The big tease is backfiring as riders are plunking down money (or getting ready to) on other bikes in the meantime. A big mess-up on Yamaha's part.

So, in closing - seeing a test would be a welcome change, if you have the time. Thanks in advance! :applause:

Thank you!

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