crf250X...Clutch problem...odd

yes, my problem is very odd. First off the bike runs great always and i dont have any troubles w/ shifting...but when pushing the bike around in the garage in gear w/ the clutch in, the rear wheel locks up as if it was still in gear . is this normal for the "X"? and is it something i should check out? :applause: Thanks for any help

No, that's not normal. Check for warped plates and check the clutch basket for groves worn-in where the plates mesh.

the clutch maybe warn out and when you are moving slowly you notice it and you dont notice it when you are riding becasue you are moving faster and the bike motor is pushing not you. or you might need to tighten the cable lol i am sure you can tighten the clutch cable. Just me 2 cents

Good luck


I have a very similar problem. On my 04 any gear wiht the clutch pulled in...the bike is hard to roll...the wheel moves, but only if a really push hard towards where im going. I swear it makes me mad....but hey...any suggestions about what the problem is.

When the bike is cold this is normal. Untill warmup there isn't any oil between the clutch disks hence no slippy. If your bike does this after warmup then you have a problem.

i am having the same problem with my 04 250x! ill be trying to get it out of my garage and its almost impossible when you have to back it out between a wall and jet skis! its NOT always in gear when this happens! it does it in neutral. it also has a similar problem while riding! ill be in the trails and ill stop to wait for my dad and it will slowly die on me like as if the clutch is not pulled but i know it is because i go from using two fingers on it to using all my fingers when i stop! i dont know if it is a problem that happens when you use the ajustable clutch on the perch or if the cable is to short and wont pull the plates apart. keep in mind im only 15 so this may not mean anything. i KNOW that the problem with it dying when i stop is not from not pulling the clutch all the way in. also... can anyone tell me why when im throttle jockying the bike it dies? thanks for the help!

mine JUST started to do the same thing I think i used the wrong oil. I just checked mine and it does roll fine in neturel! are you sure its in neutral? mine is hard to find when not running. the clutch should not be in the loop when in neutral that would be bad! im going tobuy some tranny oil now . good luck!

thanks a bunch for all your help...i will try it out this weekend when its warmed up...i dont think the clutch is worn out it is a late 05 w/ not many hours on it sooo......ya same here mine rolls fine in nuetral...thanks again!!!

This may be caused by your oil. One day I put 10-40 Penzoil in my trany and went to the bike the day after to ride, but it would not move in gear. It only moved when it was good and warm. So I pulled the clutch apart to see if it was warped plates or somthing like that. But found everything to be looking like new still. As I put all the clutch plates, and friction disks back in I wiped the oil off of them. When the bike was back together I tryed pushing the bike in gear again and it seemed to move quite a bit better. Then I put in some 10-40 Honda oil in instead of the Penzoil, and nothing was sticking anymore. It must be different additives to the oil that make some oils more sticky than others. If anyone else has this problem you should try the Honda oil.

Try this : after you are done riding , slip it into 1st . Rock the bike back and forth with the clutch pulled in . This will ensure that the clutch is disengaged . Slip into neutral until the next ride . :thumbsup:

I know I'm from another forum , but we have the same problem over there .

holy crap someone dug this up from a long long time ago...haha anyways yeah i came to the conclusion that it is because its cold

i tried pushing it around when warm and in gear (w/ clutch in) and it rolls fine.

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