Taillight w/clear cutout?

Does anyone know of an after market taillight lens that will fit the factory fender that has a small clear piece made into it? I need it for a license plate light.

Also, can anyone recommend a license plate holder other than the one that 4 stroke only sells.

Use the dremil

I was trying not to do that

Without cutting a hole in the fender, I don't see how the clear lens would have any effect, unless you're looking for something that mounts under the fender. I would just buy a new YZ fender for $25, cut a hole and add an aftermarket tail light. Now your stocker will be left in great condition.

I have the one that 4strokes only sells. I will sell it for 5 bucks plus shipping. PM me if you are interested.

Scotts performance (steering dampers) sells a license plate holder that attaches neatly to the three tail light bolts. There are illuminated license plate bolts available called LiteNBoltz, made by DEI. I got mine from summit racing. Hope this helps.

Farmer, are those LiteNBolts pretty sturdy? I see alot of custom car builders use them to light up stuff.

I too use the Scotts under fender plate mount plus I also use the litebolts. I have had them on my WR 450 since February of 03 (over 4000 miles) and they are holding up quite well. They are LEDs so they will work longer and brighter than a regular light bulb. The way that they are designed it would be almost impossible to break one!!!!!!



The LiteNBoltz seem really rugged. The electrical wires seem to have pretty thin insulation. I used heat shrink tubing to protect the wires.

The LitenBoltz will be ordered this evening.

Motone82, I sent you a PM

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