00 WR400 questions

hi all, just wanted to ask if you guys knew of any dramas with the 00 WR400 and also i wanted to know what to expect in the power department, i haven't ridden one before or any other WR for that matter, but i'm thinking of selling my 04 CRF450 for a WR400 ( so that i can ride in on the street ) , i expect the power will be significantly less but how much? would a fair estimate be to say its power would be somewhere between the XR400 and CRF450 like about the middle?

other things i'm interested to know, is reliability, i have heard they are more reliable than the CRF is this true?

and maintanence, how heavy is the maintanence schedule? oil (2-3 rides)? valve checks (10-15hrs)? or is better than what i suggested?

If you YZ time it and do all the other free mods you will be amazed at how powerful it is. It won't be the CRF but close enough to put a big :applause: on your face. It doesn't even compare to an XR 400. If you rate an XR as a 1 on power and the CRF as a 10 the YZ timed WR would be an 8.Oil every 2 or 3 good rides is about right. I change the filter every 3 changes. You can check the valves that often but you won't have to reshim as often as the CRF. I have only reshimed once in about 7000 KM's

Ditto what Bamster says. Have had my 98' WR400 since new and have only checked valves twice, once with no shims needed. Other than oil changes, mine just runs and runs. Power delivery is much smoother than the CRF and the YZ due to flywheel and slightly milder tune. It will feel heavier, but you'll like it.

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