question about trans ratio's from 99-2001

I know that the wr and yz had different ratio trans post 2000, the wr being the wider of the two my question now is, how does the ratio of the yz, and wr's pre 2000 compare to the newer models. I know they are different, because I had my trans aprart with a 2001 in one hand and a 99 in the other both yz's and the gears are different pitch and size? Anybody?

You can snoop in the parts manuals at:

Usually the listings will give the number of teeth on each gear, then you can divide the two in each pair to get the ratio. The number of teeth for the low gear pinion, which is cut onto the mainshaft, is not always given.

If you're thinking you might switch parts around between a 400 and a 426, don't plan on it. Unless I'm mistaken, the 426 trans is different and won't interchange.

I know if you had the whole 426 trans or the whole 400 trans they will swap, but you can't mis match gears. I know they swap because the cases are exactly the same. I'm mainly just curious about the ratio's I'll check it out online. thanks


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