Would any 03 owners want to purchase a full Enzo Suspension?

I am considering a couple of options. Before I spend mo money on a BigBore kit & Stainless new valves, I am wondering what value I can get for it. I have almost every part of this 03 upgraded. Engine, Suspension, Brakes, exhaust, Steering, carb etc...

Here are my options:

1. parting my 03 out

2. selling my Full Enzo Suspension - complete then buy/trade used stock suspension - then sell

3. putting the entire 03 back to stock as much as possible to sell. I am also considering buying or a trade of stock 03 suspension to put my 03 as close to stock and selling it complete.

I will never get what I want out of it by selling it as is...period.

Is there any 03 owners that would want the best suspension possible for their 03? Enzo complete, Subtanks and Ti spring/valving -

What value would some of you say this is worth?

It may be best for me just to sell the darn thing and ride my o6....I would probably never ride the 03 again anyway after getting use to my new ride...

What do you all think...

Keep it or sell it? :applause:

One thing you already know is that you'll never get your money out of it. The fully modified version you have likely won't bring more than $500 more than a stocker, but it will sell faster. It's hard to say. The idea of selling the bike with stock suspension is probably good, because you can more than likely get more from the suspension selling it separately than it will add to the value of the bike if the bike has a lot of other visible mods (bars and a pipe, etc).

What I've heard about the '06's makes me think you won't spend much time on "Old Blue" anymore. But there have been bikes that I was tired of at the time that I wish I still had right now (at least, that's how I remember them). If you have to give it away, you might want to keep it for a while. Maybe you could set it up as a Dune Monster. :applause:

Hey David

Let us know how the stock 06 suspension stacked up to your 03 Enzo stuff. Man I love how my suspension works now on my 04 after Ross built it. :ride::p I think parting out will bring in more $$$$, but its a pain :applause: Here in AZ tricked out bikes sell faster but thats about it.

Parting it out on ebay will get you the most $$ if you can make a "good" listing...


How much do you want for your enzo suspension? I have stock set up right now, but am not happy with it.


same question here... How much and whats it valved/sprung for weight wise?

I have my '03 sitting in the garage next to my '06, and I would consider it cruel and unusual punishment to ride the '03 again after riding the new wonder machine. It's that good.

Still thinking about the price -

Grey thanks fo the offer - still considering it

Bike is sprung for 190-205 lbs Vet B Racer. .47front/5.5Ti rear.

DBH exactly my concern............... :applause:

Dave..go for the 06..it is that good.

Coolhand :applause:

Dave..go for the 06..it is that good.

Coolhand :applause:

Hey Stranger - I hear you locked and loaded a yellow 06 YZF250 with a 290Athena kit - how do you like it?????

Grey, you make me laugh because I been there, done that....I poured so much money into making mine "Up to Date" I will never get out what I put into it :applause: , at this point mine is an open class Grand Prix/Desert Racer and my Dune Monster :p .

Maybe it's time for a Pit Bike :ride:.....Oh Know, here we go again!

I would be interested. Let me know if you decide to sell.

i'm interested too! i can get away with buying some suspension, but my girl will KILLETH me if i come home with a new bike. my suspension is setup with race tech internals. i'd even do a trade + cash for your suspension so you have something to put on your bike. ;-)

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