Street Legal in CO?

First off, thanks to the responses in my previous first post...

As I said in my first post I'm looking for a lesser-expensive WR, and in addition to that I'm debating whether I need a trailer or not. I would rather not have a trailer sitting around the yard (no place to put it), and my tow vehicle would be a 4" lifted jeep... Not the best tow vehicle anyway. So I'm looking for other options. I've seen smaller hitch carriers that might be an option, but within a year, I'd like to have 2 bikes (one for the g/f) and I don't think I can fit two bikes on a system like that. My other option for now is just to make the bike street legal. I've seen the kit that someone posted, but is all that really necessary? Also, what about tires... It seems that if you ride dirt tires on the street much, they wouldn't last but a month or two. What kind of advice can you guys suggest?


Looking for WR... Currently saved $2500 and still going.

Yo Thumper33;

I live in Boulder and had a '97 KDX220 registered for the street. Here's the deal. Like you said, non DOT rated tires will not last very long, one of the reasons I didn't re-register my bike after the 1st year. The "high country package" that some of the shops offer go for about $80 installed, and include a break switch, a duel filament bulb for the rear, a childrens horn, and a cheezy mirror. Most of these thing fell off, or broke off during the first week. I never got pulled over, but I don't think any of its a big deal as long as your carring insurance and are registerd. I preporation for Jonny law, I was always ready with the excuse that said items "just broke off right now as I was riding" I now have a 2001 WR426, and plan on registering it this comming Friday. We'll see how it goes. My only advice on tires, is find something in between, I alway error closer to the dirt side and just deal with buying new ones when necessary.

Hope this helps a little.


Dodger's right on...brake switch, dual fillament bulb (I believe my 2001 WR came with one already), a squeeze bulb horn, a $10 mirror, and some simple wiring...and you're set. Tires are also an issue, but have never heard of anyone having a problem with the police related to tires.

Suggestion: Mount your plate so that it can actually be seen from the rear. My buddy got pulled over the other day riding up Bear Creek Canyon Rd outside of Morrison for this very reason.

Another these mods AND get a trailer. There's far too many awesome rides in our awesome state to miss while being limited without a trailer. Ouray, Crested Butte, Grand Junction, and even Rampart Range to list a few. Check the archives for advice on trailers...I believe you'll find plenty of info out there. I personally have a single bike carrier (I think it's called a MotoCarrier) which is adequate, but I'm sure there's plenty of better ones out there on the market.

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