need help de- octopusing urgently

I am very new to this site i see many threads with people who have de-octopused there 99 wr400f's but I cant find any where on the this site on what the procedure is to deoctopus my carb. Its probably my lack of ability on computers and my inexperience on this web site. I cant figure out how to use the archives so can someone just give me a direct respone. On the Wr 400, 426 & 450 section please. I appreciate your help. thank you. since I'm so in experianced with this site if you wnat you can even e-mail me the answere or IM it to me my screen name is Once again thank you for your time and help.

99 WR400f. YZ throttle stop, air box lid removed, YZ426 stock header and silencer, sky Blue and gray wire mods. YZ rear fender, YZ seat and gas tank, YZ number plate. YZ timed.

mate in a nutshell, do this

1. know what the octopus is. - the pipe thing anti/backfire round ink squirting thing

2. undo the bolts that hold it on.

3. pull off all the pipes.

4. pull off the WHOLE thing

5. do up the bolts

6. plug the two holes left from it. make sure they are AIR tight

7. reconnect your hot start to the inlet of the cylinder

8. rejet to suit

it will cause a..... rich condition on the pilot circuit after you close the throttle.. i think

9. put it in a fish tank and feed it

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