What type of printer is used to make MX graphics?

I wondering if anyone knew exactly how they are made? I believe I could make them at work with 3m material and laminates but I was wondering if anyone knew how they were printed. I have a bunch of different industrial printers to try.

Sometimes they are cut from a colored, laminated, adhesive backed material on a Gerber Edge type of machine. This is how sign shops make their signs and lettering. The other opion is to Ink Jet the graphics on a permenant adhesive 3m product and overlaminate it. This will protect the image and add longer life

Yeah, I know about the low end Gerber systems vinyl cut stuff.

We have be roll printers and I could produce these 1/4 of the price if not less.

If my system works I figure it would cost 25-30 bucks for a whole bike set of custom graphics.

thats sick wanna make me a set too? :applause:

I want to make everyone a set. I think they are priced way too high.

Think about every sticker company has multi page ads in all the mx magazines. Those ads go 10,000-30,000 a pop ( they most likely have year long discounts ).

So if anyone know exactly they are printed I could get the ball rolling.

I can Design, Print, Laminate, Die cut and whatever else is needed.

Hi McShred, You need to find someone who will let you use a colour laser printer as this will fuse the graphic onto the vinyl as where an inkjet will often give a poor rough image. I work in the printing/refilling industry and have played around with this myself.

hmm plz PM me if you get this working and good luck

ya good luck sorry i dont know anything about that stuff but that would be awesome if you got it done

Not too sure but I think in either Transworld or Motocross Action there was an article on graphics. I think they are printed on the back side and then they put the glue on. Each color is put on one at a time.

Exactly. They're printed ont he back side othe vinyl, then glue, then cut, then applied to the backing paper. I dunno how thick a laminate you could put over top of what you print, but it'd have to be pretty heavy to survive a good throw-down. The hardest part will be gettig the cut lines dead-on. You'd almost have to buy a graphics kit for a particular bike, then traces the cut line and scan and convert it into your system. It'd be a lot of work. But if you come up with it, I'm certainly game to get a set from you.

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