'06 YZ450 Chain & Sprocket Question

I need to order Ironman Sprockets and DID X-Ring Gold Chain for my hopefully soon arriving 450. Can one of you guys with '06's tell me how many teeth the sprockets have and how many links are in the chain? Are the sprockets the same as an '05 with 14/51 and I don't know about the chain. :applause:

Good point I was going to ask this too - What is stock gearing? I may get 1 tooth larger rear also ...Ironman - the only way to go! :applause:


I'm running an '03 wheel and hub on my '06. At least from '03 on, wheels, hubs, and sprockets interchange.

How many links in the chain? I need to order one for it so It'll be ready when she gets here.

Looks like I'll get to reuse my oversize rotor and bracket on the new one, same bolt pattern (4") COOL !! :applause:

I measured a 06 250F this weekend.

I allready have my Backgrounds for it so I'm ready.

Later, Jason

I always buy the 120 link chain DID ERT.

I always buy a 120 link chain also. Just trying to verify before I order.

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