To all of you guys that got your 06450's in cali. when so you think they will reach up here, Wisconsin? use your psychic powers.

what about the Dallas area? I don't how much longer I can hold out

They'll be in as soon as there is a foot of snow on the ground. :applause:

Alright I am using my powers and predicting they will reach Dec15th soonest. Good luck on the wait. I go pick mine up tommorrow.hahahahahaha :applause: JK

congrats, i'm green with envy..i called my local dealer and he still doesn't know when he's going to get them in..... :applause:

You must be frustrated by now, I have mine, and it's worth the wait.

I love my 06 450f, I can't believe how good this bike is. This bike will put more that one smile on your face, it is that good!!


Albany NY here, Waiting..... Its tues.eve.snowing. My dealer says Jan.or so. What the hell is Jan. or so. It feels like forever but well worth the wait I hope. From what I have been reading It is one bad ass bike. I cant wait to rip it thru a nice set of whoops. Brooooooop. Keep the ride reports coming guys .

new jersey over here, im waiting for my 06450 se to come in. i order it from generationmx.com and there telling me it should be here any day now :ride:

cant wait to race it next year at good old dist 34 :applause:

Picked up my blue 450 today.(Las Vegas) Haven't had a chance to ride yet.

Montreal Canada my dealer said there on the water and left 20 days ago soo he told me 2 more weeks but all u guys posting u got urs is killing me nvrmind the fact that its f@#$% snowing up here .....doh whoever get theres enjoy and keep posting ur pics peace

p.s any of u guys tell me what size gas cap is on the 06 is it the same as 05? need to keep busy buying parts

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