ok all u wr450 owners

Only 450 miles so far this yr and :mad:

I own an '05 WR 450 and ride the hell out of it. I race in the deserts of Cali, go down to Baja 3 to 4 times a year, and go on all kinds of play rides. The only issue I've ever had is the starter. The motor/ trans has been rock solid. I just do plenty of oil changes. I've adjusted the valves once and have friends with YZ and Wr 426's that have never done anything but change the oil occassionally. I recently rode a CRF 450x and was very impressed with the bike, but the reliability of the Yamaha is hard to beat.

Greetings from Cambodia, I bought an 04' WR450f new out of the box in California, August 2004. Baja Designs rewound my stator, lowered my shocks, resprung front and rear suspension, all the regular free mods as well. Then I shipped it home to Cambodia to be my company car.

I change the oil every 1000 klm,

brake fluid every three months,

and my underware twice a day sometimes because it is HOT and sweaty most of the time. :^) TMI

Just over two years and 32,500 miles of jungle travel, and I still love my WR.

Routine HOT and HUMID often 100 degrees / 95+% in mud, sand, rocks, dense jungle ......... not one boil over or heat related temper tantrum! At least for the WR. I have had a few personally!

Installed Boyeseen water impeller, also Rooster front rad. guard. Thought it might restrict air flow but better than bamboo skewering the rad. Not one over heat. Run 60/40 coolant/water

After one year I replaced the OEM clutch basket with a Hinson. Good move. One set of clutch plates a year. (2)

One Ironman Chain/sprocket set per year (2)

(4) spark plugs

(2) air filters

(1) Scotts stainless oil filter. Another good move.

(1) set of Fasstco Flex Bars. A REALLY GOOD MOVE.

(1) front wheel bearing

(8) rear tires (3) rear tubes

(5) front tires (4) front tubes

Just replaced all cables and water hoses, Preventative mantainance. Easier to do it in the garage with a fan than in the muddy jungle!

My WR has been fed some good fuel, some OK fuel, and some very marginal stuff more akin to kerosine than gasoline. Not a picky eater. Likes good food, but will function on looooow octane in a pinch. Not so for my KTM riding friends :^)

Adjusted valves twice, (minor tweek only needed) cam chain tight, no sign of wear on it or tensioner.

I routinely travel into places where if your bike breaks down, you leave it and walk out a LONG ways where there are lots of creatures lurking. My WR has never stranded me.

Do I sound like a happy owner? Yes. Would I buy another WR? Yes. Do I like BLUE? Yes.

CRICKEY MATE! Thats the best WR story I've ever heard!

Are you going to tell us when it finally has a problem?

You cant finish this story here:excuseme:

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